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    Sending Us Files

    If you have designed your own artwork or have pictures for us as references, we can view many file formats. However sometimes it will be necessary for our art department to recreate you art using programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. You can send us JPG's, BMP's, Gif's, TIFF's Etc. You can scan images and upload these files as well. We will develop a strategy to apply our resources and recreate your ideas.

    If you have created your design in a higher end graphics program such as Illustrator Please follow these steps:

    What design program did you use to create the design?

    • Adobe Illustrator (Or Similar) – A vector art program that's best for most spot color graphics and text.

      1. Convert Fonts to Outlines / Curves
      2. Save as .EPS or an editable .PDF
    • Adobe Photoshop (Or Similar) - A raster art program that is usually best for Photo's and four color process printing. Files sizes are often large. Save actual size to be printed with 300dpi resolution Save as .PSD

    If you have Questions give us a call.

    * All other programs: If these options aren't available try saving or exporting as a JPG and see above.