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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Place An Order

    You can get an order started by completing our online quote form, sending us your information via email at or calling us at (609) 246-8007. Once we go over the details we will complete an order form confirmation that you can review and keep for your records. Pricing details and the order due date will be specified on the form.

    The quickest way to get an order placed is to send your graphics, type of apparel requested, color, item sizes and quantity at the same time. If we need to produce art before you place the order, it will take longer for us to process your request.

    Standard Turnaround

    Our normal turnaround time on screen printing and embroidery is 10 business days (two weeks) from the time you place an order and supply your art or concept. If you have a short deadline please specify at the time you place your order so we can make sure to have your items complete on schedule. When you set a due date we will have your order complete at any time before we close on that day. 

    Completed Orders

    We will give you a call or email to let you know as soon as your order is complete and ready for pickup or delivery.

    Domestic Shipping

    We can ship orders anywhere in the United States via UPS. Please specify the address when you place your order. Rush shipping options are usually available for additional fees.

    Screen Printing Minimum Order Requirements

    For screen printing we have a minimum order quantity of at least 24 items printed exactly the same way. There are price break discounts at 48, 96, 200 and 300 or more items printed the same way. 

    Setup Fees

    Use our online quote form or email us at so we can give you an accurate estimate.


    Screen Printing

    Apex Custom Apparel will do our best to reduce your setup fees. We will even combine your multiple design placements on as few screens as possible. If you want large designs on the front and back of your shirts it will require 2 sets of screens.

    We charge $15.00 per screen that we need to create for your unique printed design. Limiting the number of colors and placements will help to keep this fee minimal. For example, printing a maximum of 6 ink colors on the front of white tees would incur a $90.00 setup fee. Printing a single ink color on the front of a white tee would only cost $15.00 for setup.

    Printing light ink colors on dark garments will typically require an under-base that counts towards your screen setup fee.

    Waived Setup

    We can waive your setup on a reorder of 24 or more items for screen printing. Changes or modifications to the old logo will generally void the waived setup.

    How We Determine Quote Pricing

    1. The quantity of items you are printing with the same exact design. The setup process for screen printing is very time consuming so the more you order the less per shirt. You can order different styles and they can be grouped together for the quantity discount as long as they can be printed with the same exact design.

    2. The style of garment you choose. The style, brand and make of garment can lower or raise the price of the garment, in-turn effecting the overall price of the quote. 

    3. The number of ink colors required to print your design. The fewer ink colors, the less expensive.

    4. The number of print placements and size of prints on your garments. This will affect the number of screens that will be needed to print your shirts. Our setup charge is per order and will be listed on the quote. Apex Custom Apparel doesn’t include the setup charge in the per shirt price because the setup charge can be waived on exact design REORDERS of 24 or more.

    Design Charges

    We include a limited amount of design time with all of our new orders. If it requires more time to turn your idea or concept into a final product we can do so at a rate of $50.00 per hour. We will consult you on the need for design time before you confirm the order.

    Preferred Art Files

    Our favorite file formats are, in this order: .ai, .eps., .pdf, .psd, .tiff, .png, .jpg, .gif.

    Ideally, you have the original, highest resolution version of your graphic. If you want your graphic to be 12 inches wide, you will need a file that is at least 3600 pixels wide to start with. If you are creating your graphics in Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or other vector-based software, then you just need to set your document size to the size you want your graphic to be. If you are sending a vector-based EPS or PDF, make sure you convert your type to outlines to avoid missing fonts.

    Microsoft Word & PowerPoint documents are especially hard for us to view; if you are using one of these programs to create your graphic, you can export your file as a PDF.